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Dennis Kellner 28 inch walleye front of Nungesser River first day of fishing 2009. Debra Geary with the biggest walleye of her life this huge walleye was over 10 pounds

photo of Tim Hanson with a 20lb plus giant pike caught on a rapala in Storey Bay on Nungesser lake while staying at Anglers Kindgom in northwestern ontario 

Kevin with a nice walleye caught in July 300 yards from Anglers Kingdom photo of Dan Simms with another huge walleye caught about 400 yards from Anglers Kingdom One of several dozen big walleye he caught that week.

Taryn Gazankas with a massive walleye over 12 pounds big walleye in August. Lydia Gazankas with a gorgeous walleye in mid July.

Seanna with giant walleye caught at Belles rock straight out for Anglers Kingdom 

Seanna and Hayden with grandpa GiGi with two of 400 walleye they caught that day. 

ed Jantz with a 44 inch 20 pound plus pike caught fishing a point off the main body of nungesser lake in Canada. Ed Jantz with a 20 pound pike from Nungesser Lake 

Photo of Kevin with a trophy walleye caught on a jig and minnow in early October quarter mile from Anglers Kingdom on Nungesser lake Photo of Hayden Geary with a giant pike he caught while ice fishing at Anglers Kingdom. 



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Jay Brooks with his largest pike ever a 47 inch pike caught on a quickstrike rig in the mouth of Coli Creek on Nungesser Lake, northwestern Ontario while staying at Anglers Kingdom. James Hawarth with a massive pike his personal best biggest pike 

Hayden Geary with a 42 inch 20 lb pike. At 6 Hayden drove 6 miles (followed closely by me) Hayden did it on his own just needed me to help lift it in keith bateman 47 largest pike of his life 30 pound monster pike trophy of a lifetime

photo of David Moore with his biggest walleye ever. His wife and son caught their biggest at Anglers Kingdom as well. Dennis Kellner with a 32 inch walleye largest in 35 years fishing across Canada says Nungesser is the best lake in Canada.

Eddy Jantz with the biggest pike of his life. Nungesser produces almost half of all the 50 inch pike caught in Canada each year

Tim Schultz with the biggest pike of his life. 90 percent of the big pike caught in august are 10-12 feet of water. 

Our cook Belinda Woodland with her largest walleye. I've never seen so many fish she stated.jpg	Our cook Belinda Woodland with her largest walleye. I've never seen so many fish she stated Paul Coleman with the biggest pike of his life. All 3 topped their biggest. Trophy Pike and Trophy walleye.

Dennis Kellner witha 27 inch walleye caught in 12 feet near the staging grounds of whitefish and cisco spawning areas.j Kevin with a trophy walleye taken on a jig in 12 feet near Ferret bay where the whitefish were staging for their fall spawning run. Lots of big walleye in the fall

Don & Jerry with a trophy pike and walleye triple header. The pike grabbed Jerrys walleye on the way in photo of belinda with a huge october walleye caught in 8 feet of water