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2024 Light Housekeeping Rate

$1355.00 U.S. per person per week
Daily rate $225.00 per day.

Package includes:


18 foot Lund Outfitters or 18-20 foot Lund PRO V boats with 60, 90 - 130 hp Honda motors. Tillers or consoles as you prefer. These large stable boats bring remote fishing to a new level of comfort and safety. These fishing machines are equipped with depth finders, trolling motors, marine radios, carpeted floorboards, pedestal seats, casting decks, live well, rod & gear storage etc. The boats are equipped with anchors, paddles, nets, cushions, life jackets.


Color depth/ fish finder sonar units with GPS


Transportation to/ from camp by boat via river from our landing at the road.


All the gas you require.


Modern cottage accommodations, sink, toilet, shower, 24-hour electricity.


Clean comfortable beds with all blankets and linens, bath and shower towels. Bath and shower towels changed mid week.


5 gallon jugs of drinking water.


All cooking utensils.


Use of our satellite phone or Internet to maintain contact with home or business.


Friendly, courteous and competent service.

Rates do not include bait, license, tax or gratuities and are subject to change.

2024 American Plan Rate

(Meals on your schedule)

$1595.00 U.S. per person per week
Daily rate $265.00 per day.

Package includes:


Everything included in our Light Housekeeping Plan plus delicious meals prepared and served in the lodge dining room. Coffee is on from 6 am breakfast of eggs, pancakes; French toast, etc. are served starting at 7 am. Lunch can be a shore lunch kit with all the fixens or sandwiches prepared the way you like them with beverages in a cooler. An assortment of dinners with all the trimmings will vary from roast beef, roast pork, chicken, turkey, pork chops, pasta etc. Dinner times are flexible. Tell our cook what time you will arrive for dinner and a delicious hot meal will be waiting for you. Rates do not include bait, license, tax or gratuities and are subject to change.




Kevin will be available to guide on a first come first serve basis. Bookings should be made early to avoid disappointment. In addition I will gladly share my knowledge of the lake and fishing in general. Rate is $250.00 U.S. Per day.

It is important to note that with all of my business and family responsibilities I cannot guarantee that I will be available to guide on a certain date but will do my best to keep my schedule.


For those that prefer to fly by floatplane from Red Lake we can make the arrangements for you. Flying rates are determined by the airways but currently average $350.00 U.S. per person round trip.


I like to keep our rates transparent, simple and easy to see.

However, if you want to compare us to others then here goes…..

I could quote you $595 for the week and then ad on extras like other places do. $595 sounds good until you realize it includes a 9.9 two stroke motor from 1985 on a leaky 14 foot Naden, with a bench seat and limited gas . My back hurts just thinking of what it was like in 1980 and still is some places.

Our week package is a FULL week ie 7 days, 7 nights

Arrive and depart on YOUR schedule not ours.

Yes you can fish the day you arrive.

And no you do not need to haul all your gear, gas, motors, food yourself. We take care of everything.

And it is FULLY inclusive our clean cabins are fully equipped, with bedding, towels, hand and dish  soap, tea towels, rags, coffee pot, dishes, propane bbq, radio, toilet paper.

Our boats are FULLY equipped unlike other places we DO NOT stick you with extra charges for required mandatory “EXTRAS” like a larger motor upgrade, larger boat upgrade, extra gas (we have no limit) radios with a large antenna, trolling motor with battery, gps navigation (with trails and waypoints), Color sonar unit with charged battery and nightly charging, live wells, coolers, ice,  shore lunch kits with propane deep dryers, life jackets, large Color contour maps, paddles, landing nets, full service daily checklist of everything

no mandatory tips

Sorry  Belinda might not put the mint on your pillow.

But Remember the first words on our main page says “We are not a five star resort”.

You can find a five star hotel anywhere. We are a great fishing camp and when it comes to fishing we are more than five star.

Kids under 12 free under 16 half price.

I like to encourage the next generation so that many years from now you will always have a fishing buddy to share those memories with.

Everything is built with your convenience in mind, not ours.

One of the first things I started working on was a new steel Water tower I feel it is most important in case the generator goes out while you are showering. (No generator, no water pump).

We have two docks. Is it cheaper and more convenient for us with one dock?  Yes of course but we built two and a third on the way to make it better for you.

Is it better for us to cut all the trees down? Yes it’s safer and less repairs when trees fall on power lines and buildings, however our guests really enjoy the experience of being IN the woods.

Our 25 point Daily check list for each boat performed by our staff is not for us, for your benefit.

It is very easy for you to forget that you took your net out of the boat, but the daily check list covers things like that. Plus the motor is warmed up before you get to the dock. When you and your buddies in the other boat are ready to leave You don’t have a dead battery because someone forgot to turn off the key or live well or ??. The boat is bilged out and seat is dried off, garbage is removed. The radio and sonar unit is working. All of these things are done and you don’t need to try and remember things your not accustomed to remembering.

Emergency gas can , we have radios why do we need emergency gas. Because mistakes happen and although the most it will take is 25 minutes to bring you gas even at the far end of the lake. But we don’t want you to have to wait even 5 minutes.

  • Radios in the boats.
  • Radios in the staff transport boats.
  • Even radios in the cabin so you don’t have to walk.

Sonar units with way points and track back trails provide extra measure of safety not for getting lost but so you don’t hit rocks. Even if you don’t feel the NEED for sonar units I know that your trip will be better with them. You don’t have to use them if you prefer to “ go it alone, the old fashioned way” but they are still there.

60 hp Hondas. We could easily go with 40 hp without the throttle down feature and the high end torque to get you up on step sooner. They reduce the need for trolling motors and the extra hassle of raising and lowering them.

We include Everything except fish cleaning because most people prefer to fillet their own. And bait because people have different preferences on bait.

Service and expert fishing advice are always free.

What are you waiting for?