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Remote but not Isolated

There is a Satellite phone, Internet and TV available to keep in touch with the other world if you so desire.

There is a small selection of basic tackle, line, reels, rods, minnows, bait, raingear, hats, t-shirts, sunglasses, film, tooth brushes, razors etc. in case you forget or misplace something. We can also pick up items from town for you if they are needed.

There is not an ice machine at this time but we will have bagged ice cubes in our freezers.

No Need To Fly!!

This wilderness paradise can be reached without flying. Drive 30 miles north of Red Lake on the Nungessor Lake road to the bridge over the Nungessor River. We will meet you at this landing with 18- 20 foot boats powered by 90- 115 hp motors. We’ll transport you on a scenic 10-minute trip up river to a rapids. Here we load your gear on ATV carts to transport 100 yards over to our camp boats. From there it’s about 15 minutes to camp. The entire trip from Red Lake will take about 2 hours and avoid the expense, waiting time, weight restrictions and weather delays of flying. Of course for guest who prefer to fly we can arrange floatplane transportation.

What are you waiting for?